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Welcome Players!
You need to restart you client from Launcher to get the new updates!
Here is your big update!

Box of Luck Repaired
Ribbon box Drop reworked
Boss drops repaired
Skills in shop now!
GL Skills and Setts in lorencia near Bar Entrance
Mob HP-s reworked and in High map (Red icarus/Arenil Temple mob hp increased)
Roosters was turned off
Devias 3 Start spot got Decreased MonsterSpawn Counts
Balgass Baracks some spot has been removed, and some spots got decreased amount of mobspawn
Box of Luck Droprate Has been decreased
Green/Red/Purple Chaos Box Droprate has been increased.
Box of Blue/Green/Red Ribbon droprate has been decreased.
Fire Flame Ghost Event now ingame
Pouch of Blessing monsters has been reworked.
All Blood Castle's drops normal amount of ruud.
Elf buff/Triple/Multi Shot has been reworked 
Elf ATK Speed Increased a bit
Now on Third and Fourth Skill tree you getting 2 points/Level
Lord of Ferea Droprate Changed a bit.
Selupan droprate changed a bit.
Selupan now Spawns Every 12 hours and it can drop Conqueror's badge.
Medusa Drops reworked.
XShop Goblin points now available
Seals has been repaired
Chaos Goblin success rates has been increased
Lands of Trial spots Created
Erohim drops Noexc Blessed weapons and miracle coin
Ingame you can reset for GP points up to Reset 70, then you need to Reset on website up to 100, But you can earn WC if you reseting on Website

In PVP Balance:
-DWSuccessAttackRate Decreased
-DKSuccessAttackRateOption Decreased
-ELFSuccessAttackRateOption Increased
-MGSuccessAttackRateOption Increased
-DLSuccessAttackRateOption Increased
-SUSuccessAttackRateOption Not changed
-RFSuccessAttackRateOption A litle bit Decreased
-GLSuccessAttackRateOption Increased
-RWSuccessAttackRateOption Not Changed
-SLASuccessAttackRateOption Little bit Decreased
-GCSuccessAttackRateOption Increased
-BM PVP Damage has been Decreased
-Elf PVP Damage has been Increased
-BM PVM Damage Tremendously Decreased, because he can literally one shot Nix boss and God of Darkness, etc...
-Elf PVM Damage Slightly Increased
-DL PVM Damage Slightly Decreased, Because of ATK Speed
-Ertel of Radiance Punish rank is Slightly Decreased
-BM PVP Combo damage Moderately Decreased

King Regards, Arenil MuOnline Team.

Welcome New Players!

We got a lot of feedback about server.

-Mob spawning on Spots has been Decreased
-Agility Bug Fixed
-LVL4 Mission Fixed
-Kundun Spawns in Devias 2
-Slayer/DL/BM Skills at Wandering Merchant Bolo
-Mob HPs at Big map Increased
-Mob loot Changed
-Chaos Boxes was ingame from Mob drop
-Moss Merchant Conqueror's badge dropping has been Decreased
-Connecting from same IP has been Decreased to 6
-Pouch of blessing now ingame
-Excellent item drop increased a Little bit
-Crywolf map now working
-Balgass Spawns at Server time 8:00PM
-Now you only can move to Loren Deep at LVL900
-An ingame events will be starting in this week and every months will be happens

-On website the template just only for some moment, not permanent. It will be changes. And the Reset what shows on website just current, not for Perma.

If you find any problems ingame, let us know on Email/Facebook/Discord!
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArenilMuonlines16
Discord: https://discord.gg/kaFGrs7XqQ

Have a nice day and stay safe!

King Regards, Arenil MuOnline!

[!] Fixed SkillTreeData_4th.xml default settings that could lead in selection of 4th skill functinality issues
[!] Fixed /addgift command issues
[!] Fixed default configuration of GremoryCase.xml
[!] Fixed addgift command description in Commands.ini
[!] Fixed Chaos Mix vulnerability
[+] Added auto-conversion of pre-S16 personal stores to new personal store system

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